Mid-Life Crisis

I turn 40 next week.

In 2007, I started a blog. This blog as matter of fact. I was 29, living in Virginia, interested in politics, and full of inappropriate humor (thus the blog name). I would encourage anyone who wants to understand who I was as a younger man to review the wayback machine of this blog back then.

Then life came along: I got married, I got a couple of kids, I moved up in my professional career, I moved back home to Colorado, and just didn’t care about blogging, politics, or inappropriate humor any longer (just kidding – I’m the master of the dad joke). I let the domain expire and one of those guys who buys up domains and then sells them for obscene amounts of money picked up dailywhackjob.com and tried to sell it for, you guessed it, an obscene amount of money. I will admit, the fart jokes were priceless, but not THAT priceless.

A few weeks ago, I was reminiscing with the old crew of the blog and found that the domain expired. So I snatched it up and here I am again. Instead of buying a sports car as I turn 40, I figure I’ll just start writing again.

The humor will be a little less irreverent, the politics will be more local (maybe). The language will hopefully be a little less salty (think: retired dock workers convention), and maybe, if we’re lucky, the thinking will be a little more mature (but probably not).

And with that, I launch my mid-life crisis with a picture of the old crew and Ms. Vivian J. Paige back in 2007:


One thought on “Mid-Life Crisis

  1. Here is my favorite dad joke… passed down from my father and now my son tells it so often that I had to place a one a day limit on it.

    As you drive past a cemetery: “That’s a very popular place; people are just dying to get in there. “

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