Calling BS on the NRA

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I have teenagers, two of them. Trying to get them to brush their teeth or pick up their socks is hard enough. But organizing half a million of them to go to DC and speak out? If it is true that billionaires and movie stars can pull this off, I’m going to start a foundation to get these magicians to manipulate and exploit my children to do their homework, clean their rooms, and spend less time on their cell phones.

This is the same message we always hear. Someone else is behind these activities because obviously it isn’t normal for children who were terrified, children who watched their classmates and friends die to want to exercise their right to speak out.

If they’re old enough to get killed, they’re old enough to get the right to speak out. If they’re old enough to join the NRA and old enough to buy guns, they’re old enough to speak out.

We spend millions of dollars on public education and campaigns teaching these kids their rights, teaching them how to be good citizens, and yet someone is surprised when they accept these rights and use them? The Bill of Rights doesn’t start with the second amendment.

If guns are necessary to protect our rights and our freedoms, then it is necessary to use those rights we protect.

No matter what side of the debate you’re on, come to the table with real arguments, not bullshit like this.


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